House of Joy Hoofddorp

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We sang this traditional Dutch song together at the end of the House of Joy Hoofddorp meeting on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. The last time we met was last year, in November 2021. Fortunately, the corona measures are less strict, which means that the February meeting could continue. To be on the safe side, we made a “coffee with something sweet” version of it; in March we hope to be able to have a meal together again.

There was a nice mix of 20 people, guests and volunteers, born in The Netherlands and born in other countries, men, women and children. The meeting space in "De Graankorrel" had been refurbished even further so that we could sit, chat and enjoy the goodies in various places, at an appropriate distance.

At the end of the meeting, under the inspiring leadership of Hans Millenaar, we sang the well-known tulip song. Hans had slightly changed the text: the tulips also came from Rotterdam, for example. For those who grew up there, that was a welcome modification. There were even more changes like that included. See for yourself if you can find them!